Fast, Easy to use JavaScript Linter

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Error Tolerant

Lint any code on the fly no matter how wrong it is.

Easy to use

Know how to fix problems at a glance through descriptive errors with labels, notes, and suggestions.


RSLint is natively compiled to a binary and uses multiple levels of parallelism.


All aspects of the linter are customizable through an easy to use configuration file.


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Works out of the box

No configuration required, the linter works without a configuration file.

RSLint is an extremely fast JavaScript linter written in Rust focusing on ease of use, customizability, and speed. RSLint helps you find and fix error-prone productions in your code as well as enforce good practices.

RSLint does not require Node (opens new window) and has prebuilt binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux but you are free to compile the project from source to any target supported by Rust.