# Dev Docs

You may be asking, how does all of this even work?, well you are in the right place to find out! These docs will outline the inner workings of RSLint all the way from the high level architecture and concepts to the individual crates powering the linter.


These docs assume you are comfortable with Rust as the project is written in rust. You can follow along even if you aren’t, but you may not understand some of the more in depth areas, here are some resources to learn Rust (a great language!):

# Contributing

The best way to learn is to contribute! You can find issues to work on by looking at issues (opens new window) with the E-Easy and E-Mentor labels. E-Mentor issues have explanations as to how to fix/implement the topic of the issue to guide you through.

Last Updated: 10/30/2020, 3:42:26 PM